Writing an Essay About Me: Your Guide to the Personal Essay

Personal Essay

If you are trying to write a personal essay, you are probably thinking to yourself, “How do I write an essay about me?” Like many students, you are probably wondering which topic to select for your personal essay. You are probably also concerned about the style of writing you should use, or maybe you are unsure about how to write a personal essay. Whatever you need help with, we believe that you can find it here. Keep reading to learn all about personal essays, and what you can do to make yours great.

What is a Personal Essay?

The best way to think about a personal essay is to consider it an “essay about me.” However, it is not an autobiographical essay. In a personal essay, you select a specific topic, usually an event in your life, and then you describe that event to your readers from your own point of view. The personal essay is the one essay that you will nearly always write in the first person.

Choosing a Personal Essay Topic

The first order of business when writing a personal essay is selecting your topic. This means selecting the life event that you want to share in your personal essay and the event that you think your readers will find to be the most interesting, entertaining, or compelling. Sometimes, your instructor will give you the topic for your personal essay. In other instances, you won’t be given a specific topic, but you will be given parameters that will limit the topic that you can choose. Here are a few personal essay topic ideas that most students should find useful in many situations:

  • What happened to you on your first day of work
  • Describe what you did on your 10th birthday
  • Describe what happened on your first day of high school
  • What happened when you were in your first car accident
  • Describe the best moment of your life
  • Describe the scariest moment of your life
  • Describe the first time you drove a car by yourself
  • What was your first trip to the beach like
  • What did you do the first time you spent the night in your own house or apartment
  • Describe the moment when you felt the proudest
  • What was it like the first time you rode on a roller coaster
  • Describe what you did the last time you had to solve a big problem

Getting Help Writing Personal Essays

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