Writing a Global Warming Essay

Somehow the existence of global warming, better titled climate change, has become so politicized that people are willing to ignore the facts, almost 100% of the world’s scientists, and the evidence that continues to mount by their very own observations. Most all developed nations in the world, including the U.S. are taking various levels of steps to reduce the impact that man is having on his environment, with efforts to utilize sources of energy other than fossil fuels.

Given the broad-ranging topics that relate to this issue, it is not surprising that you can expect a global warming essay in many different courses – political science, economics, health, education, and the hard sciences. The topics will vary just as much as the courses. Global warming is such a complex topic, moreover, that one of the challenges of such an essay will be to narrow the topic so that it is manageable. Here are some essay types with possible topics that should be manageable for a lengthy essay or short research paper.

Expository Essay Writing

Remember, an expository essay is meant to explain or describe something – it is not opinion-based. Here are typical topics that will address only the facts about global warming:

  • What factual, observable evidence do scientists present that indicate the reality of global warming? Here, your research may relate to the melting of the polar ice caps, the warming and rising of the oceans, and the extreme weather events that we are witness.
  • What evidence do the few scientists who deny climate change have that supports their positons?  

Cause/Effect Essays

Because of the broad nature of the issue, a topic for this type of essay may have to be refined and limited somewhat. Here are potential topics that will keep such an essay manageable:

  • Specify one cause of climate change (e.g., our “love affair” with beef) and explain the global warming effects of this behavior over the next 30 years.
  • Explain the drought in California as an effect of climate change
  • Describe the effects of a warming ocean on the destruction of certain species of marine life.

A Persuasive Essay on Global Warming

Dependent upon your own beliefs, you might choose one of the following topics for a persuasive essay. Research will be required, of course, so that you can support your points; however, you do not have to present the arguments of the other side and refute them. That is reserved for an argumentative essay.

  • Politicians who hold the public opinion that climate change is a hoax are funded by big oil companies and need the votes of an evangelical base that say God is in charge.
  • Many in the scientific community are over-stating the impact of global warming, because they are attempting to force the government into action
  • The few scientists who deny climate change have conducted research that was funded by fossil fuel companies
  • America, China and Russia are far behind the rest of the developed world in efforts to curb global warming activities.
  • We know what causes global warming, and we still have time to reverse it
  • Global warming will create a planet of scarce resources, and future wars will be fought over these resources.

Problem-Solution Essays

These essays address a problem that the writer accepts as real. As such the essay will begin with a global warming definition and then propose specific solutions to that problem. Right now, there are four alternative sources of energy – water, sun, wind, and nuclear. An essay or paper of this type might select one of these solutions and research the cost and amount of time required to implement it in the U.S., China, or Russia.

Writing an essay on global warming can be tricky, primarily because it is somewhat difficult to keep other sub-topics from spilling over into the topic you have selected. This issue has many “moving parts” all of which are interconnected. If you are having a tough time getting a topic narrowed or structuring your essay, help is always available at PremierEssay.com.