Topic Ideas for a Police Brutality Research Paper

Topic Ideas for a Police Brutality Research Paper

If you’ve watched the news during the last 12 months, you probably know that there have been several reported instances of police brutality in the United States. These have ranged from minor assaults to instances where people have become seriously, even fatally, injured. Some of these instances appear to be quite cut and dry while others are quite ambiguous. In any case, police brutality in America is a topic that is getting a lot of attention right now. The good news is that this means you will have a lot of information available to you as you write your police brutality research paper. The bad news is that you will have to sift through a lot of information, some of which is quite inaccurate, as you are writing your police brutality essay. So, be sure the information you are using is accurate. Once that is done, your next step is to find a good topic idea on the subject of police brutality.

Police Brutality Paper Topic Ideas

In order to write a research paper that is organized and has a good sense of focus, you will need to select a specific topic on which to write. The topic of police brutality is one that you can take in many different directions. On one hand this is a good thing because you have a variety of topics to select. On the other hand, narrowing down your choices can be difficult. Here are a few topic ideas that you can use for your police brutality essay or research paper.

  • Is police brutality in America a big problem or is it blown out of proportion by people with an agenda?
  • What is the most effective way to stop police brutality?
  • What are the primary causes of police brutality?
  • Why is there a tendency to believe law enforcement instead of the victims of police brutality?
  • Write an argumentative essay on the impacts of militarization of police departments and the level of police brutality.
  • Will community policing help the issue of brutality?
  • Do there need to be better screening policies for entry into police academies?
  • What recourse should the victims of police brutality have?
  • How should community leaders deal with the issue of police brutality?
  • Should police departments answer to civilian oversight committees?
  • Would police relationships improve if officers lived in the communities where they patrolled?
  • Write about the services that could be provided to police officers in order to prevent brutality
  • What is the best way to handle a complaint of brutality?
  • How can officers be convinced to testify against other officers who are a danger to the community?
  • Address the issue of economics and police brutality
  • What are the negative impacts on a community when a false accusation of police brutality is made?
  • Should police officers be required to wear body cameras?
  • Should it be a crime for a civilian to film the police?