The Missing Puzzle


This can be a definite descriptive essay which outlines the missing puzzle within my existence. The missing puzzle within this paper is here now through the mate within my existence and just how he fits the outline from the guy that I’ve been searching. The term love is different and everyone has their own diverse method of determining love. This word continues to be tried to be summarized by ancient magazines as well as the scribes had something related to the numerous meaning of this term as approved by Tennov (1989). In my experience the word love is current the crux on every debate that we participate in, even just in class I’ve found integrating love in mathematical sums. Love is really a strong divine feeling which will get from being appreciated and staying at peace psychologically, your body gratification which engages the ideas in blissful ambient mood that is mounted on someone else.

Your Way to find Love

As poet would say &ldquoI’ve kissed my great amount of frogs&rdquo this is of the poetic saying is the fact that before I discovered the present love, I’d dated large amount of other males. The only real error was for the reason that on individuals associations there is no satisfying affection neither was there any chemistry nor was the attachment. It seemed like I had been giving an excessive amount of and receiving well nothing in exchange. I began believing that maybe I had been condemned to become alone, the lonely nights and also the hugging couples within the bus, parks only ongoing to butchers my ego. I felt paralyzed and dysfunctional in lots of facets of my existence I even began neglecting myself because of self pity. However, I’d belief and in my thoughts I’d the image from the type of guy that we usually imagined to satisfy and make a reviving relationship (Jerry, 2008).

My romeo was said to be a handsome, tall and well build guy with hazel eyes. This fantasy was eating away my confidence as every single day within the dating cycle I met different males. I involved in many supper party and wouldn’t miss any wedding or any other social parties that have been of decent atmosphere when i wished to meet inside a decent social place.

Break Through

Throughout my expedition of sourcing for love I’d even requested my buddies and family for connecting me having a guy fitting the outline of my significant half with no success. As they say good stuff arrived at individuals who wait, after 3 years on mental trauma and hustle for any lover who appeared just like a fantasy I nearly completely threw in the towel as summarized by Jerry (2008).

On a single fateful evening I had been from a book reading through. Speeding the place to find watch the finale from the Tv show &ldquoRun Away Bride&rdquo I’d just a little fender bender having a whitened sedan. The occupant from the sedan delicately stroll on my small driver window and stated &ldquomum you would like us to obtain wiped out.&rdquo His face shone as an position, he’d hazel eyes, well trimmed boy cut so that as he spoken his milky whitened teeth flickered through the light in the oncoming traffic built them into glee like silver. He’d this cavities that have been visible although he was type of angry due to my negligence which triggered the fender bender. I had been without words and that he was conscious of his impact on me, he leaned forward and requested basically was feeling okay. He was named within the new Boss Edition perfume which made things worse along with his warm body warmth because the evening was cold.

I began developing nausea and may not hear what he was saying sooner or later I totally blacked out. The stranger rushed me towards the hospital and remained over evening beside me, later after recuperating in the shock. He was there with me at night and that he introduced themself as Alejandra. It was the way a beautiful relationship was created. We went handful of date so we shared a great deal in keeping from fundamental interests to major career interests. The chemistry is excellent and that he is fun to be with even if alone there’s a sense like we’re talking. He’s like my therapy time we spent together helps reduce my worries and stress, am peaceful and today more alive than I ever will be in my existence (Tennov, 1989).


Nowadays I’ve got a strong believe around the saying &ldquoafter every calamity, every storm there’s a stream of hope that develops.&rdquo Soon after my hope of ever finding my mate was diminishing, he makes its way into my existence inside a funny collision. Love is really a feeling that we now desire that each person should and that i stress an absolute must have strong personal attachment and appreciation.


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