Season of Migration towards the North


When creating a story, a writer may approach it using variations in which the narrator might be symbolized diversely. Some authors may choose to choose a personality which will behave as a narrator fro the composition or might be the narrator themself. Searching in the book Season of Migration towards the North, the writer develops a personality which the entire story involves and there’s the un named narrator who guides the crowd with the story. The narrator and Mustafa Sa&rsquoeed have numerous commonalities because they are make up the same origin that is Sudan plus they both visit Britain. The bond backward and forward figures has stirred a significant debate in attempting to see whether those are the same person. Therefore, this paper aims to aid the truth that the un named narrator and Mustafa Sa’eed may be exactly the same person, otherwise physically, then psychologically.

The novel is very captivating because it originates and informs the storyline of two people the narrator and Mustafa Sa&rsquoeed. The 2 are determined to the same location even though they have different ambitions, while they’re initially from Sudan they mind to Britain to pursue further studies. As the narrator bases his interests in British literature, Mustafa Sa&rsquoeed has his future occur financial aspects. This brings about the truth that the 2 may not be exactly the same person physically. However, psychologically, they appear to achieve the same goals in existence and according to the amount, they choose to get advanced education. Even though they could experience existence inside a developed and advanced country, they have their roots in Sudan and select to help keep close connection with them. This really is apparent for the reason that their encounter happens across the river Earth in which the narrator&rsquos grandfather resides which is his home town too. However, Mustafa Sa&rsquoeed is really a local player having a traditional wife and 2 children. The 2 figures seem to be in the same region simultaneously but view things quite in a different way sometimes.

Attempting to prove the narrator and Mustafa Sa&rsquoeed is one physically is very difficult because they appear to differ at points but searching in their thinking strategy they’re quite connected psychologically. The narrator relives the reminiscences of Mustafa in a fashion that reflects their own existence. Mustafa sights the narrator as his confidant and discloses to him the occurrences of his existence. This thought affects the narrator&rsquos existence for a significant very long time. Following the dying of Mustafa, the narrator finds themself drawn to the widow of Mustafa. This proves that psychologically they’re drawn to exactly the same women. The truth that the narrator fell deeply in love with the Mustafa&rsquos widow, shows there is something within the widow that allegedly attracted the 2 figures to emotional depths. This really is credited towards the mental connection shared through the two figures.

The storyline read tot right narrator by Mustafa is much like the existence felt by the narrator themself sooner or later. Mustafa prides themself for getting high intelligence because he states &ldquolike a clear, crisp knife, cutting with cold effectiveness&rdquo (22). This really is credited towards the education he’d received that he went after his studies to Britain as he returns the folks make reference to him as &ldquothe black Englishman&rdquo (54). This implies that he was quiet fluent within the British language. Exactly the same episode originates for that narrator because he chases his education elsewhere and that he knows the British language quiet along with he majored in British literature.

Upon Mustafa&rsquos dying, the narrator gets to be a letter which was addressed to him by Mustafa before he died. He’s informed that he’s bequeathed the 2 sons of Mustafa even though he’s married and it has a daughter. This implies that the narrator leads the existence that Mustafa was said to be leading. He’s placed ready where he’s made to adopt the life-style of Mustafa. Within his confessions, Mustafa discloses from the matters he’d with females and just how he triggered their deaths. He assumes responsibility of 1 dying however since it absolutely was engraved in the memory for any very long time and also the satisfaction it gave him. He claims &ldquothe sensation that … I’ve bedded the goddess of Dying and gazed out upon Hell in the aperture of her eyes &mdash it&rsquos a sense no guy would ever guess. The flavour of this evening stays on within my mouth, stopping me from making the most of other things.&rdquo The narrator is angered through the actions of Mustafa possibly while he sees themself in Mustafa. This really is thinking about the truth that he was married and it was still falling deeply in love with Mustafa&rsquos widow. On the light note it’s possible to state that the narrator is angered by themself but favors for connecting it with Mustafa&rsquos promiscuous and sinful lifestyle.


The dying of Mustafa Sa&rsquoeed is extremely mysterious because it is stated he was drowned within the river Earth, the mystery is based on the truth that he was an excellent swimmer. Exactly the same fate almost follows the narrator because he is overcome by his emotional rage. It was triggered because there is nothing designed in Mustafa&rsquos book. His understanding from the secret room that belonged to Mustafa can also be quite striking. His rage may have been triggered because he in comparison his existence to that particular of Mustafa so when he found nothing within the book, he felt like his existence meant nothing. He they resort to drowning themself within the Earth much like Mustafa but midway through his mission, he knows that there’s more to existence and that he requires help.