Rural to Urban migration

Rural to Urban migration: A example of Guatemala/ Mexico, Japan and India

The worldwide alternation in farming economy has triggered tremendous rural-urban migration in a number of nations. This paper will consider Guatemala/ Mexico, India and Japan. Each one of these nations cope with the issue in a different way. Individuals in Guatemala /Mexico have resulted to illegal immigration in to the U . s . States searching for employment and supply of earnings (Kim, 2003). Other maqui berry farmers have offered their land towards the foreign traders who is able to afford top quality coffee that is released to developed nations. Japan residents have elected to maneuver towards the city searching for other causes of earnings. It has resulted into Tokyo, japan becoming among the highly populated metropolitan areas on the planet (Cohn, 2005). Indian maqui berry farmers appear to accept worst selection of all. Most of the maqui berry farmers commit suicide by consuming the chemical compounds designed to make their crops productive. It’s evidenced that more than 25,000 maqui berry farmers have committed suicide since 1997. The 3 nations compare for the reason that all of the maqui berry farmers are desperate and also have resulted to internal and exterior immigration looking for food and earnings.

Much like the rest of the nations on the planet, the problem of rural-urban migration is typical within the three nations. Poor farming financial systems have frustrated maqui berry farmers diversely thus moving towards the cities searching for employment. There’s additionally a similarity in disappearance from the youths in the poor rural regions trying to find better existence within the cities (Cohn, 2005). It has subsequently brought to overpopulation and unemployment within the cities. It’s understandable the evils associated with unemployment for example insecurity, smuggling, prostitution along with other illegal activities are happening within the three nations.

Methods to the issues faced by maqui berry farmers mainly rely on government intervention. The Guatemala/ Mexico government can help the maqui berry farmers to resolve the worldwide coffee crisis by imposing high taxes and import responsibilities to coffee importers. This can prevent importation of cheap coffee from South america and Vietnam thus marketing use of in your area made coffee (Kim, 2003). The federal government might help the maqui berry farmers through encouragement of coffee processing traders in to the country thus supplying a ready sell to the neighborhood coffee as well as creating employment. Japan government can intervene by imposing high tax and import responsibilities towards the importers of farming based items for example grain in order to reduce competition. The Indian government might help their maqui berry farmers through introduction of well toned and outfitted research firms to develop top quality machinery, pesticide sprays, hybrid seed products and chemical manure thus lowering the great deal of capital consumed by maqui berry farmers in buying these items using their company nations. They may also be urged to make use of organic manure because the primary problem is based on the kind of soil and away from the plants.

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