The philosophy of faith is really a complex study because of the different perspectives about the presence of God. Besides, you will find numerous religions each using its own imminent about its beginning with varied values. The reality regarding these religions is important in examining the arguments about a realistic look at God as well as their significance to non secular values. Essentially, the relevance of a few of the arguments because it relation to its religion and spiritual values is going to be investigated within this context. Particularly, &lsquoPersonal experience with God&rsquo by Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and &lsquoNo Religion&rsquo by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu.

To start with, an individual knowledge about god differs from one person to a different. This really is to imply that god manifests themself diversely. However, this isn’t to point that god is seen but instead a great being. Certainly, the understanding about god is dependent on feeling of right and wrong. For your reason, the encounter with god and private interpretation thereof differs based on an individual belief concerning the existence, character, energy and authority of god. Essentially, people encounter god with the inner self. Within this sense, people experience conditions like inward peace, affection and therefore are gone to live in act in a few ways by a hidden pressure, the spirit.

Within the light of the aforementioned position, the presence of god is undeniable. It is because, an individual knowledge about god is dependent on spirituality and never physical. It’s god that provides people talents and the opportunity to do some things. More for this, god grants or loans many people insight to know strange occurrences and provide others visions about items to come. As a result, how people experience god&rsquos presence within their lives affects their values. God is thus real and also the questions on whether god is available are invalid. More for this, any make an effort to interpret the innermost feelings distorts the authenticity of god. Therefore, the argument on personal expertise of god is a lot helpful in explaining the different religions and spiritual values.

However, the argument of &ldquoNo religion&rdquo is really a philosophical problem. Basically, this argument is dependant on the concept that all religions are identical and also the only distinguishing feature may be the language. More for this, the argument describes that, people&rsquos understanding differs from each other which&rsquos why you will find many varying religions. Unquestionably, god is really a reality and whatever title related to him through the different religions doesn’t change him from his being. As they say, this argument nullifies all religious values because it supposes that no understanding can explain god.

However, the argument about no religion is unacceptable for that explanation of faith and spiritual values. Formerly, we attribute worship to god from the thought that he is available which he warrants it. Despite the fact that nobody has seen him, but religion shows about respect and recognition to god. If there have been no religions then it might be hard for individuals to even understand each other because of the truth that there’d be no shared values. Besides, it’s not feasible for individuals to go through the same feelings simultaneously. Therefore, it’s the improvement in ideas and sights about god that bring people together to reason regarding their being, hence the presence of religion.

To conclude, there’s a great being behind the occurrences of character. Even though individuals have got different understanding of god, he’s real. However, the issue of faith and spiritual values is really a debatable subject since its not all one thinks in religion. As a result, everything is dependent on understanding and individuals&rsquos opinions regarding god. Lastly, because god is available then religion is really a reality.