Peace conceptualized

Peace is often the period by which there’s now war or other type of hostilities. It refers back to the moment in existence where individuals enjoy freedom from chaos and arguments that is marked by harmonious associations between people Dugan, M. (2003. The lack of war between people may also be called as peace. Peace also describes a period when someone is free of charge from the type of strife. Additionally, peace refers back to the stillness, tranquility and silence which exist between individuals a specific moment within their existence. We are able to also talk of peace inside a particular country whenever we make reference to time once the people living there follow law and order.

Peace normally has several characteristics. Among the characteristics of peace is insufficient war. In order for there to become peace, there shouldn’t be war or perhaps any type of hostility. Tranquility, silence and stillness will also be other characteristics peace Portilla, J. (2004). Another attribute of peace is harmony that dominates between those who are quietly living together. Peace can also be indicated by adherence to law and order inside a society. The main focus of peace inside a society would be to terminate war and hostility for the reason that particular society. Based on Rinehart, M. (1995), peace can also be indicated by peace and concord inside a particular society peace should be in complete agreement with each other to allow them to reside in peace. Peace on the planet reflects law and order along with a condition of the lack of war for the reason that particular society. Peace is in the past viewed as the existence of law and order within the society.

You will find several approaches to create peace inside a society. Based on Christine D et al, (2008), different approaches are adopted within the efforts to create peace. First, individuals have to make sure that they observe law and to avoid leading to conflicts which are the primary reason for war. Nations may also attempt making certain peace in america by supplying job possibilities that permit people to reside in harmony with each other. Much more, government authorities may also employ people such as the police to make sure law and order that lead to peace. Peace works well for conflict resolution within the society. When individuals have been in conflict, this means that there’s no peace together. When peace is made certain between people, conflicts are ended. Therefore peace is extremely important incompatible resolution.