Los Vendidos


This essay will probably be according to close reading through in the classical play &quotLos Vendidos&quot (The Sellouts) that is compiled by Luis Valdez, and first carried out in 1967. This play represents the U.S government parodies in the assimilation guidelines which often gravitate toward irritated assault toward racial details. The paper significantly evaluates the Mexican-American stereotypes because the community representative to bigotry in this area. This paper will centralize around the racial, gender, identity construction, stereotypes and discrimination what are primary focus from the play and also the emphasis from the essay. The paper shall make an effort to highlight the struggles and discrimination that is faced through the American-Mexican community.

Executive summary

In that one act abide by playwright Luis Valdez named Los Vendidos meaning &ldquothe Sellouts.&rdquo The writer represents all of the prejudices that is essentially gave in through the Mexican community residing in America. Each character may be the play is referred to through the label from the play, the figures include Honest Sancho whose occupation is proprietor of the Mexican curio shop, Ms. Jiminez the American secretary with Mexican background, farm worker, the newest and also the Pachuco whom are thought Chicanos stereotypes (Valdez, 99).

The secretary working in a governor&rsquos office endeavors to source for any Mexican robot representative for that administration in order to broaden employees. You benefits are examined discriminatory, the newest is examined to become too salvage to adjust to new methods for existence, the Pachuco is abusive and violent, the peon is assumed lazy and also the farm worker is assumed crude and cynical. The secretary forms to have an intellectual presenter, bilingual and college educated model referred to as Eric Garcia and will pay for $15,000. Following the payment he engages another model into revolutionary chants and also the secretary full of fear and fright flees, and also the models split the money between themselves (Huerta, 274).

Gender, Stereotypes, Discrimination, Identity construction and Historic Conditions from the Play

This play humbles the Mexican American stereotypes which have negative impacts on dealing with their fellow people with discrimination. Thus further elucidate the Latinos stereotypes and also the effects they have around the society because the play cast label how Mexican are racially discriminated within the society. This show cases how gender while discrimination plays part within the stereotypes prejudices caused on some community within the society. This really is best displayed once the secretary a complete Mexican, who’s fighting identity crisis, dejects his fellow kinsmen discriminating them through their cultural and social stance as echoed by Valdez (pp, 121).

Based on Huerta (pp, 276) each model has own unique individuality, cultural background social stance. That is displayed through the entire model such as the farm worker who’s dedicated to his masters, &ldquohe travels to Mexico and doesn’t return&hellip&rdquo and that he also doesn’t speak British. The Pachuco is recognized as a digital rebel urban model involved with &ldquoknife fights, a crook and designed for speed, low-riding, and city existence.&rdquo the rest of the model their very own qualities which aren’t examined, however, the examined stereotype qualities are top quality for this model depending of the earlier background. This is actually the common stereotype which leads to bigotry, this really is caused by identity construction according to own assumed cultural background from the discriminated community. Within the take part in the qualities from the models which are affixed to options are biased and fabricated through the society to snare the Mexican community to be barbarian and uncivilized.

The funny part within the whole play scenario would be that the government policy so exemplify for such discrimination and also have no remorse feeling in improving them. The secretary in the governor office, which is designed to be considered a public office which set good examples within the society, may be the one whom fabricated towards the models assumed and degrading qualities according to their cultural background. This absurd characteristics caused upon the models through the secretary surely represents the aftermath to be unfairly stereotyped. The fabricated diet from the models shows remorse discrimination and degradation from the cultural ethic of Mexican. This describes Mexican being scavengers and savages without any respect of existence and proper modern existence. The play represents Sancho&rsquos shop because the secretary acclaims &ldquoUsed Mexican Lot&rdquo this phrase likens the Mexican to things and degrades the identity. The secretary refusal around the first models with presumptions on fabricated defects around the model represents ho individuals are discriminated according to their cultural background in the usa. These insights indicate an expression how stereo system types rapidly make assumption according to one cultural background. Being judgmental deprives another person dignity and identity succumbing these to subject of bigotry and labeling of degrading names as summarized by Huerta (pp, 278).


This play levels many details which produce discrimination, and open eyes towards the audience how Mexican are prone for stereotyping. Evidence within the play represents the way the Mexican community has developed a defense mechanism out of this prejudice caused in it using the government full consent with demeaning guidelines. This play further make an effort to get rid of the fabricated stereotype qualities around the Mexican that doesn’t holds as well as stresses necessity of truth and cause of labeling.

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