How SAS effectively handles employees? benefits


The study paper is definitely an research into the benefits and rewards SAS provide to the employees. The paper brings forth how the organization rewards its employees when it comes to pay and benefits, a choice of quitting greater wages and stock choice to operate in an identical atmosphere and finally the results of individuals benefits on worker morale.

Worker satisfaction and motivation is vital in making certain that the organization is on the right track in getting its preset objectives and goals. Although, you will find numerous methods for keeping employees motivated and satisfied benefits, incentive and rewards happen to be considered to experience a larger role on a single as in comparison with other methods. among the benefits of supplying employees with appropriate benefits and incentive package are that employees turnover rate is going to be low, guarantees the organization encounters an ease in income, some benefit packages are necessary for government thus doing this helps the organization maintain good books using the government, some benefits especially medical plan guarantees that workers are guaranteed of meeting their medical expense however huge they could be which generally can’t be given by a few of the employees (Noe 311).

SAS established fact because of its benefit package, this comes from what the organization&rsquos Boss held in the day the organization found existence &ldquoIf you treat employees as though they really make a difference to the organization, they’ll really make a difference to the organization&rdquo. Thus, a staff that’s satisfied and it has high morale instantly means pleased customers. Being rated fourteenth biggest software company, it stands at slightly over $1 billion serving near to 4 million customers and utilizes about 10,000 employees. It had been founded in 1976 and co-possessed by John Sall and Goodnight. It handles items varying from data warehousing, data mining to business intelligence. SAS is situated in New York&rsquos Research Triangular Park (Software Business 1).

How SAS reward employees

Based on Cruz 1 SAS has managed to get as best players Best Company to dedicate yourself in many years back to back. It’s apparent that the organization is exclusive and therefore in the own category. Many people are of the perception that becoming an worker at SAS is l like dealing with family people. The turnover minute rates are under 4%. It’s interesting that the artist rejected to consider employment provided by Plastic Valley, a business which was prepared to spend the money for designer yet another 40% pay rise!

This is exactly what the generous benefit package of SAS has been doing to the organization in addition to the workers. A careful balance of mixing various amenities, traditional benefits and innovative work-existence plans are some of the broad groups of products made by the organization that pertains to benefits. From conception of the organization, appropriate benefit perks continues to be central to the organization. The philosophy is dealing with employees correctly and they’ll deliver better results (Software Business 3).

The organization has in position numerous packages accustomed to reward their employees they are categorized broadly as traditional and work-existence benefits. Aside from fundamental pay employees enjoy an array of benefits for example flexible working conditions, healthcare service inside the campus, discussing of profit, backed child care, entertainment and health club. For example parents who’ve their children within the backed child care program are relieved as they possibly can continue with their responsibilities and then on join their children either to have your meal together (Noe et al. 365). Furthermore, break areas and free or subsidized food in each and every floor causes it to be certain employees might have something to consume without going far searching for exactly the same.

Another illustration of benefit that SAS employees enjoy is free of charge family health care that is provided on the top of full health care, vision, dental and hearing cover that is fully compensated by the organization and substantially subsidized for individuals who rely on the worker.

Quitting greater wages and investment

Within my own opinion I possibly could certainly quit greater wages in addition to stock choice to operate in an atmosphere that resembles those of SAS. Benefit which include medical cover, free/subsidized food, onsite convenient services, on-site entertainment and fitness services, on-site backed child care, unrestricted sick leave, compensated maternity in addition to partiality leaves amongst other things make existence simpler for that employees, because of this I’ll be willing to stop greater pay and stock option and operate in this kind of organization. It’s worth observing these benefits brings by using it cost, reliability and convenience.

I see not a problem quitting greater pay and stock option and participate employees which are highly satisfied, motivated and valued employed in an atmosphere that’s a lot more like one&rsquos family than your place where pay is high and there’s no peace of heart. Furthermore, In my opinion having an atmosphere where the first is treated well, what me will sense of the business can give me the chance to develop innovation moving the business to greater height thus greater possibility of climbing in the leader in leadership within this type of working atmosphere (Noe et al. 255)

Lastly, the advantage of medical cover is worth focusing on and i’ll be willing to surrender the mission or offer of greater pay and stock market to be. Such cover will make sure that although you will find cases that hospital bills might stretch my financial capacity, it being compensated through the organizations worries me less and therefore will concentrate in performing other activities, in adding to moving the organization to greater levels. Flexible condition will certainly allow me do other activities for example being careful of my loved ones, since I must further my studies In my opinion quitting greater pays and investment which is replaced with fully compensated leaves when i execute my study is exactly what I want.

Results of benefits on employees&rsquo morale

As mentioned formerly, benefits offered in SAS are arranged as either traditional or work-existence benefits. The previous incorporate a comprehensive medical cover, limitless sick leave in addition to family sick leaves, profit discussing, compensated holidays in addition to a compensated week between Christmas and year, disability plan, three days compensated vocation, low medical premium, retired person health care compensation arrangement plan, (O’Reilly &amplifier Pfeffer 145)along with a flexible health care investing plan, compensated education and training expenses, family and medical leave, compensated maternity and paternity leaves, funeral leaves in addition to telecommuting.

Work-existence benefits are often targeted at making employees&rsquo lives simpler, reducing destructions and adding to employees&rsquo peaceful mind. These benefits include on-site health care centers, on-site convenience services, on-site child care, elder care, extensive work existence programs, on-site entertainment and fitness gyms, financial education, parent education and support and break areas and free/subsidized food.

Noe et al. 300 noted that the advantage of supplying employees with subsidized reely meals and refreshment helps employees switch the calories they will use in undertaking their responsibilities hence remain productive. Furthermore, such plans can make employees cut costs and in situations where food might be found not even close to the workplace, employees save time and energy, consequently they think good and dedicate additional time operating delivery towards the organization.

The on-site entertainment and fitness gyms at SAS are extremely crucial as it plays a significant role in positively affecting on psychology of employees. The exercises in addition to massages help worker release endorphin an essential chemical which makes individuals have the sensation of &lsquohappiness&rsquo (Kaplan 4). Furthermore, exercises assist in reducing stress in addition to supplying relaxation and luxury to human mind. This combined with food provision offer employees with happiness and that’s necessary in undertaking tasks, responsibilities and duties (O’Reilly &amplifier Pfeffer 45).

The different health cover plan provided by SAS leave the workers happier. Medical plans benefits guarantees that workers are guaranteed of meeting their medical expense however huge they could be which generally can’t be given by a few of the employees, on-site medical facilities suggests that individuals employees that fall sick are immediately treated, this earns them a feeling that they’re looked after (Software Business 5). Furthermore, such services be sure that the rates of individuals taking sick foliage is reduced hence high productivity. Indeed such an atmosphere like SAS, nobody wishes to not be absent from work.

Flexible arrangement if this involves confirming to operate guarantees that workers are not pinned lower to report against their wish, the supply is quit essential for individuals employees who have to take proper care of family issues especially planning kid to visit school, nursing an ill member of the family or perhaps a small baby. Employees thus come when it’s easy to them, in so doing, they aren’t worried of anything since they’re all so as thus they think happy and also have high morale hence very productive. This flexible work plans combined with onside daycare programs ease parents&rsquo pressure.

Based on Kaplan 2, compensated holidays along with the three days compensated vocation along with an additional 1 week pay between Christmas and Year are highly appreciated by employees, this will make them feel worth to carry on employed in this kind of organization. Finally, on-site convenient services for example beauty salon, book exchange, and dry cleaning among other play a vital part in creating highly satisfied and motivated employees (O’Reilly &amplifier Pfeffer 205).

Generally, the job place atmosphere produced when benefits and incentives perks are carefully crafted as with the instances of SAS you will find numerous things which will happen. For example, low employees turnover, high productivity, client satisfaction amongst others.


In the overview of SAS benefits perks, you will find two primary groups, traditional and work-existence benefits. It’s also apparent that the worker would like to stop greater pay in addition to investment and operate in an atmosphere like this of SAS. All these types of benefit varying from health care intend to on-site child care services help boost employees&rsquo morale. You should boost employees morale because this will mean people who’re more happy with the work they do, low rate of worker turnover lower rates of absenteeism and much more productive. When employees are pleased, it instantly means more happy companies and clients.

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