Fun Classroom Activities for College Students

Fun Classroom Activities for College Students

There are many great reasons to deviate from the normal classroom routine. This is as true for college students as it is for younger students. Fun classroom activities for college students can be used as icebreakers at the beginning of  a semester. They can be used to break up the monotony of a long and boring unit. They can also be used as a reward for getting through a difficult assignment as a class. Class activities for college students are also a great way to teach concepts while engaging students in a non-traditional ways. Incorporating classroom activities that are enjoyable for students creates a learning environment that is supportive, friendly, and enjoyable. Students who have instructors who make an effort to create an enjoyable classroom experience tend to be students who are more engaged in the learning process.

Classroom Activities as Icebreakers

Icebreakers may not be important in a classroom where students will work on their own for the most part. However, in classes where collaboration and cooperation are needed, it can be very beneficial to utilize a few icebreaker activities to get to know one another. Here are some great examples of ice breaker  activities for collee students:

  • Having students interview each other and introduce one another to the class
  • Having groups of college students work together as a team to work on a project
  • Playing  games that require cooperation between students who do not have the benefit of knowing one another.

Diversity Activities for College Student

Sometimes instructors have something more important to do than making sure that students enjoy themselves. Sometimes, they must take it on as their job to promote cultural sensitivity in the classroom. This is why many instructors must focus on the importance of cultural acceptance and diversity. Instructors who need to use student activities to ensure that members of  all cultures get together can encourage activities that respect diversity, and the fact that students must work to understand and work with students who are from different cultures One activity involves reviewing proverbs from various cultures to show how values and beliefs are similar in spite of cultural differences. One example of this is the golden rule. There are many cultures who have a saying that is similar to the golden rule that is familiar to American students.

Fun Classroom Activities

Sometimes, it is perfectly acceptable to plan classroom activities for no reason other simple enjoyment.  After all, college classes can be intent, and the ability to enjoy some levity can go a great way towards promoting classroom morale. The possible activities are nearly limitless. If the weather is nice, for example, the class can go outside for an impromptu game of kickball. In the classroom options include board game or card game tournaments, video games, telling stories in the round, or even enjoying a movie. If students are allowed one or two class sessions that are a little more relaxed and a little less task oriented, there is a good chance that they will be focused and eager to learn when they must be engaged.