Family Violence over the Lifespan


The idea of family violence isn’t new in today’s world as it’s been around for a significant very long time. However, it was not outlined for longtime but following the Battered Women&rsquos Movement in 1970, its awareness was quite apparent. This awareness was very efficient because it brought towards the discovery from the effect that family violence is wearing the existence of the individual. The word family violence doesn’t particularly describe a particular act but instead different functions of abuse on family people. The abuse might be emotional or physical in either case it’s considered family violence. Thus, there has been the emergences of numerous ideas that are used to describe the idea of family violence. Therefore, this paper aims to check out how family violence happens inside a life time.


Family violence across a lifespan is a vital concept especially to some human service worker. The word may be familiar to a lot of people but comprehending the factors that surround the idea might take time as differing people offer different explanations. Like a human social worker, it’s one&rsquos duty to have the ability to appreciate this concept to be able to fully assist the people affected (Barnett et al, 2004). The function of the human social worker would be to offer help and services to people who aren’t receiving treatment fairly within the society. When the human social worker can have the ability to comprehend the details about family violence over the lifespan, they can have the ability to execute their responsibilities effectively. The knowledge of this idea can help the city and also the social worker to function in the same level and bear out the work they do effectively. People who’ve experienced from family violence may have a tendency to seek the aid of professional people and they’re mainly a persons social employees.

The Various Definitions of Family Abuse

Around the idea is contacted from various perspectives, the definitions still center underneath the abuse of individuals with family relations (Barnett et al, 2004). With this particular understanding, family violence is categorized in a different way in line with the conditions to which the experience has been carried out and just how.


This is among the most typical types of family violence where physical contact is used. The contact is built to initiate harm around the victim in manner which will cause mental distress towards the victim. Assault doesn’t only entail physical injuries but physical abuse for example depriving a person of important needs in order to do harm.

Sexual Abuse

Based on Barnett et al, (2004), this is a type of type of abuse even though it never was outlined before but it’s frequently reflected on presently. It is extremely common in abusive associations and ladies happen to be considered to be the primary sufferers in many associations. Sexual abuse is known as when one partner forced to take part in any intercourse unwillingly. Generally, this can lead to physical abuse, also is another group of family violence.

Emotional Abuse

Identifying if someone is struggling with emotional abuse is very difficult because it in line with the feelings portrayed by a person. Inside a family, the 3rd party like the children might be affected psychologically because of the abuse that’s happening between your parents (Barnett et al, 2004). Installments of emotional abuse happen to be recognized to result in fatal conditions within the existence of the individual. Verbal abuse and also the economic abuse are also types of abuse which are apparent in family violence.

Theoretical Concepts

You will find theoretical concepts that might be accustomed to explain the facet of family violence. These ideas mostly are accustomed to explain why family violence happens I many instances why they take some time prior to being solved.

Resource Theory

Based on Barnett et al, (2004), this theory basis its details on the idea of dependency whereby family relations, the ladies are regarded as rather determined by a mans spouse for accessibility to assets. Hence, even when there’s violence being worked out in the household, in which the lady may be the likely victim, it’s very rare the women will leave behind the wedding or relationship (Gelles, 1985). It is because she may not wish to endure the financial burden by hand and decides to sustain the violence instead of seek help or leave the connection. The idea further describes that in instances where a few shares energy equally are less inclined to experience family violence. It is because such associations the facet of conflict du to energy control in unlikely to happen. Conflicts in associations will probably arise because of such issues and knowning that in check then installments of family violence will reduce as time passes.

Social Stress

Social stress might not continually be credited to leading to family violence but it’s recognized to trigger conflict and violence in many situations (McCloskey et al, 2008). Problems associated with family issues might be a significant reason for tension and stress resulting in conflict and family violence will probably ensue. This theory claims that poverty may be the primary worrying factor that’s prone to result in family violence. Around this leads to conflict between your parents mainly the kids could be impacted by the abuse that’s happening in the household. This really is known to as indirect family violence, in which the youngsters are the sufferers from the violence however in a way that’s not affecting them directly (McCloskey et al, 2008).

Social Learning Theory

Reported by McCloskey et al, (2008), this theory dictates that certain can be simply affected through the surrounding atmosphere to take part in violence. It’s not always that the individual will participate in violent behavior after being uncovered to 1 but when the negativity from the situation is constantly on the manifest within the individual, then your family violence will probably occur later on. This theory is principally relevant to children who have been elevated in families which were vulnerable to violence or had abusive parents. Studies have proven this violence is handed down in one generation to another and also the cycle could be damaged by starting positive attitude towards the existence of the individual.

Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is quite common within our current society whereby functions of violence are made towards the senior people (McCloskey et al, 2008). In mention of the family violence, elder abuse is among the most reported cases occurring in families. Generally the ladies would be the sufferers because of insufficient energy within their houses. Women are seen as weak and many males employ this, the truth that they are able to overpower women throughout physical abuse provides them the benefit they require in the event of family violence. Although, there has been several cases when the ladies would be the abusers and also the males sufferers, they aren’t as much as individuals of ladies being mistreated within their houses. This might be credited that most males may stear clear to acknowledging towards the fact.


Generally, installments of family violence have reduced slightly because of the entire process of creating awareness among people. Personally, I’ve learnt that constant communication with individuals that you trust can be quite useful in assisting to cope with family violence. This requires individuals from outdoors the household that may have the ability to offer specialist help or lead you to 1. This won’t help one cope with the problem and can follow the struggle in creating awareness and preventing family violence.

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