Assess Pentheus and Dionysus

The essay is really a critical analysis of two primary figures within the play &ldquoThe Bacchae&rdquo that is an ancient greek language tragedy compiled by an Athenian playwright Euripides. The play won a prize in Town of Dionysus festival competition. The play is dependant on the legendary tale of King Pentheus of Thebes and the mother Agav&euml. Pentheus&rsquo cousin Dionysus a god later punishes him and the kingdom because of not being worshiped.

Character Profile

Based on Ren, 2006 Dionysus were built with a strange birth, Semele her mother was mortal along with a daughter of King Cadmus. His father, Zeus was the king from the gods. Zeus heavy-laden Semele and upon realization his wife got furious, he was later made to destroy Semele using a thunder. Dionysus was saved and made in Zeus leg. Just about all Semele&rsquos relatives declined to simply accept that Dionysus would be a boy of Zeus, thus he was refused a location of recognition like a deity. Then he traveled across Asia to recruit numerous women to participate his cult. His make an effort to reintroduce Dionysian is turned away by his cousin although he appeared to admire it. Later he returned and revenged against his cousin and mother.

Pentheus would be a king of Thebes and it was a grand son of Cadmus. His mother and Dionysus were siblings. He found energy after his grandfather resign in support of him. Upon appropriating energy, he banned worship from the god Dionysus, his cousin. This triggered his cousin to depart who later come and introduced havoc in the kingdom (Pippin, 1970).

Commonalities and variations between Pentheus and Dionysus

It’s worth observing that both Pentheus and Dionysus shared ancestry, Cadmus was their grandfather thus these were cousins. Additionally have forces to guide. Within the situation of Pentheus, he rule the whole kingdom once ruled by his grandfather Cadmus. For Dionysus, he is capable of doing leadership because he has travelled across Asia transforming women into his cult he later attempted that in Athens. Additionally, both contain the god dear (Pippin, 1970). Even though Pentheus is within constant refusal that his subjects shouldn’t adopt and worship Dionysus, he still acknowledge him.

It’s also worth mentioning that both Pentheus and Dionysus are proud and arrogant. In the speech, Dionysus is filled with self reference, &quot[to ensure that] I would be revealed on the planet for which I’m: / a god, so when he states, Pentheus / who now revolts against divinity, within me thrusts me from his choices does not remember my title / in the hopes&rdquo Pentheus arrogance and pride can also be portrayed as he declined to understand his cousin like a god simply because he’s the King in Thebes. He will not worship him as well as told his grandfather that Dionysus divinity is really a noble fiction which will tarnish their loved ones title. Both look for glory (Ren, 2006).

Additionally both males may take serious action when faced with issues. We have seen Pentheus putting his cousin into jail. Similarly, Dionysus turned with other cruel method things in the mission to convince the Thebans. He employed divinely inspired madness that destabilized his enemy.

Even though they had commonalities, both of these figures portrayed some contrasting qualities. It’s apparent that Dionysus understood themself and the purpose although he was forced to get away from his country, he was resolute to return and show his worth to Thebans. However, Pentheus for me appears is the type of individual who doesn’t know themself. He constantly declines his subjects plus his family people worshiping Dionysus even though it is obvious to him the god is one. This really is residing in constant denial.

It’s also proven that Pentheus is judgmental. He freely condemned his mother in addition to accusing his aunt Semele to be a liar and disloyal. He further introduced judgment upon his cousin and the method of worship, also, he accused his grandfather of idiocy (Ren, 2006). All his actions although he’s described to be human, don’t have an individual face. However, it’s apparent that Dionysus isn’t non judgmental but filled with sympathy to people. His mission of attempting to convince his relatives that his father was Zeus although fell on hard of hearing years, were designed to portray his mother to be faithful.

Additionally, Dionysus signifies the primal human instincts that aren’t filled with materialism. His subjects will always be in jovial emotions especially throughout the festive season. However, Pentheus is really a ruler that has central energy and it has intimidated everyone the founding father of Thebes, his grandfather (Pippin, 1970). No-one can question what he is doing hence people live in misery.

Similarly, Dionysus is described to be sincere and obedient, although his cousin purchased for his arrest, he obliged and didn’t resist. Also, he didn’t accuse his mother for which became of her. However Pentheus like a character arrives to be very disrespectful and arrogant as formerly pointed out. H even goes to the stage of scolding their own grandfather, &quotI shrink to visit your senior years / so foolish&quot.

It’s worth mentioning that Dionysus is extremely courageous. After being declined by his close relative, he still had the heart to return and reclaim his position within this society that’s been ruled by one individual whose actions are undeniable (Ren, 2006).


In the character review within the tragedy &ldquoThe Bacchae&rdquo it’s apparent that both Pentheus and Dionysus have something earnings for example they’re cousin. However, lots of variations are clearly portrayed in the things they’re doing and say.