Assess essay

#1 Assess the job of Pietro Cavallini and Cimabue. How can they differ in fashion and technique?

Both were Italian artists designers of Roman religious works. Pietro Cavallini was an earlier Italian Revitalization painter who’s credited for contemporary Roman school. He performed a significant role in the introduction of a few of the important works in chapel i.e. Navicella. His work broke with Byzantine style and designed to plastic, delusion type of presentation. However, Cimabue was associated with Gathotic art and founded Worldwide Medieval style. Also, he performed a job in the introduction of modern type of Byzantine art. Though less famous as Pietro he’s also credited to add mass to modern Italian Renaissance.

#2 Discuss the competition between Siena and Florence within the 14th century. How did this political climate modify the visual arts of both metropolitan areas?

Both of these metropolitan areas in Italia illustrate an identical picture recently-medieval modems that performed a significant role in the introduction of Europe on political basis. Because the military and economic energy of these two metropolitan areas developed, they collided with one another in an effort for every to create their territory grow. There have been number of battles won by each but in the finish Florence emerged the more powerful city. Amazingly this competition was transported towards the visual art with growth and development of sculptures and works of art by artists from each side that portrayed this competition. The truth that Florence had won the wars introduced a confusion of the look of Renaissance art.

#3 How did the Franciscans’ ideas about natural phenomena affect producing Italian art within the thirteenth and 14th century?

Franciscan Ideas shown passion for natural phenomenon of sun, water, moon and air amongst others. This brought to the introduction of new artistic designs in Italia that touched just about all fields that portrayed the brotherhood between your different natural phenomenons for example brother sun, brother moon and so forth.

#4 Describe the stylistic elements created by Giotto, and discuss why his work am important to add mass to Renaissance painting?

His art had the inclination bringing on firmness of outline and naturalism of visage and gesticulation. He performed a significant role in the introduction of three-dimensional representation on the flat working surface and therefore getting a rebirth from the painting art that appeared hidden and forgotten. It was indeed a renaissance from the art by controlling to distinguish great artist and craftsmen or mere artists.

#5 How did the sculptural programs from the Medieval sites vary from the sculptural programs from the Romanesque sites?

Between your ninth and twelfth centuries, Romanesque sites involved a mix of Byzantine styles and Roman, a significant sign of the program. The title was showed up at because of a vital feature it posed of barrel vault that appeared as if the traditional Roman arch. Consequently the places of worship were dull coupled with very thick walls. However, the sculptural programs from the Medieval sites involved a brand new appearance of the places of worship which were heavenly, colorful and vibrant using the new use of flying buttresses. The structures were tall, had thinner walls and lots of home windows fitted with glasses.