Bullying Research Paper Tips Techniques and Advice

Bullying Research Paper Tips Techniques and Advice

Bullying is a very serious issue. Children who are victims of bullying suffer from self esteem problems, and in severe cases may become suicidal. The popularity of the internet is a contributing factor, because now people have the capability to bull others anonymously and without any repercussion. Almost every child and adult will be impacted in some way by bullying. Some will be victims, some will be witnesses, and others will be bullies. One way to decrease bullying is to build awareness, create anti-bullying strategies, and educate people about bullying. This is why many classes in college incorporate bullying into the curriculum. If you are studying criminal justice, education, sociology, psychology,  health care, or one of many other subjects, you  may be asked to write a research paper on bullying. The purpose of this post is to help you write that essay.

Child Abuse Research Paper Sources

There are many great resources on the topic of bullying. Here are just a few that we believe students will find to be very helpful

  • StopBullying.Gov
    • This website is part of the U.S. government’s initiative to stop bullying. It contains educational material on bullying, tips on dealing with bullying, and advice for parents who are concerned that their children are being bullied.
  • The Bullying Resource Center
    • The bullying resource center is a great resource for researching medical related information on bullying. Students can find information about depression, conduct disorders, suicidal behavior, and other issues that can either cause or be caused by bullying. Near the bottom of the web page, there are links to several academic journal articles on bullying.
  • Violence Prevention Works – Bullying Prevention
    • This is a series of educational resources that addresses everything from school bus bullying to dating violence. There are several educational articles on this website that could serve as good references.

Bullying Essay Topic Ideas

Here are a few essay topic ideas for your bullying essay:

  • How does social media make cyber bullying worse?
  • What are the signs that a child is being bullied?
  • What steps can be taken to prevent workplace bullying?
  • What can be done to change the behavior of bullies?
  • How can school teachers encourage other students to safely intervene when they witness bullying?
  • Victims of bullying are often shy or socially awkward while bullies are often socially adept and manipulative. This means that authority figures do not always recognize bullying when it happens. What can be done about this?
  • What happens when the adult is the bully and the child is the victim?
  • What happens when the child is the bully and the adult is the victim?
  • Are anti-bullying programs doing enough to address bullying against members of the LGBTQ community.
  • Are members of certain religious groups more likely to be targeted by bullies?
  • What interventions can help prevent children who witness violence from becoming bullies?
  • Is bullying caused by low self esteem or a feeling of entitlement?