An Essay on Racism – a Worn Out Topic or One that is Truly Timely?

Assignment For Various Courses

Racism. It’s a “loaded” word. And in society, we have every possible opinion about it. From the white supremacist who is openly racist, to the racist individuals who claim not to be, to those who acknowledge its existence, to those who openly fight it, we seem to always be at odds. And from open racism to the more insidious undercurrents that have never quite been eradicated, we have to admit that it exists. An essay about racism may be an assignment topic in lots of courses, each with a different perspective and a different purpose. Think about the following:

  1. An expository essay on racism might provide facts, figures and data that demonstrates how racial minorities are treated differently all over the world.
  2. A descriptive essay might describe an incident of racial profiling on the part of law enforcement in the investigation of the crime and the conviction of an innocent minority-race individual.
  3. A narrative essay might come from an interview with of an individual who has been the victim of racism and result in a particularly compelling story
  4. A comparison/contrast essay might cover the difference between discrimination against blacks and Muslims in developed nations today.
  5. A persuasive essay on racism might be crafted urging Congress to reinstate the provisions of the Voting Rights Act that were struck down by the Supreme Court.
  6. An argumentative essay might cover the arguments that revolve around the need to poor money into poor minority neighborhoods, in order to put programs in place that will train minority young people for good-paying jobs and prevent younger children from criminal activity that always results from poverty.
  7. A racism in America essay could address racial attitudes and discrimination against blacks, Muslims, and Native Americans.

The List Crosses Many Course Curricula

Those who argue that racism is a “worn out” topic need only to look at the issues that it has spawned in this 21st century to understand that it is a very timely topic.

  • In criminal justice courses, the overwhelming incarceration rates of minorities for non-violent crimes cannot be ignored. Nor can the fact that whites who commit these same crimes are walking about free.
  • In political science courses, the issue of voter suppression is a “hot” topic and one which federal courts deal with daily.
  • In sociology, the issues of racism and poverty are phenomena that cannot be ignored.
  • In psychology, the emotional harm done to victims of racial discrimination is a major topic of study
  • Economics courses address the growing income inequality between whites and racial minorities as well as the “drain” that huge rates of minority unemployment have on an entire economy.
  • Education coursework attempts to find solutions to the inferior education that minorities receive in poor school districts with few resources and to solutions to the inaccessibility to higher education of racial minorities.

Writing the Inevitable Essay on Racism

It will come, rest assured. And, when you do receive this assignment and feel woefully incapable of doing the topic justice, you may want to seek assistance from a custom writing service. Essays on racism are difficult, and outside help may be invaluable.