An Essay on Music – Many Topics and Types

Written Assignment for Music Class

Taking a music course can be a very cool choice for an elective. But don’t think that it is just a “fluff” course without assignments. Essays and papers will be assigned, and other coursework assignments will be frequent and challenging. You will spend time listening and responding to music; you will study rhythm, harmony and music theory; you will analyze and compare music types. And, if you are a music major, you know the amount of work involved. So, whether you are an “elective” student or a major, getting an essay about music assignment will require careful thought, possibly some research, and sound structure.

Topics Will Vary Widely

There are so many different courses in a music program, possible essay topics will be “all over the map.” First, there will be a basic introduction to music course and a most common assignment will be a classification essay on music of some type. You may be asked to pick a period of music, conduct research, and write an essay that provides a good summary of that period, major composers, and the aspects of the music.

  1. Baroque Period: If you like the type of music that that moves with counterpoint, and was played primarily on an organ with other instrumental backup, then you will enjoy researching this period of music. Bach is probably the most prominent composer from this period, although Handel, Scarlatti, and Vivaldi are pretty prominent too.
  2. Classical Period: If you find Mozart and the harpsichord appealing, then this is your period for an essay on music. Works from this period are very carefully structured following very specific “rules” – Many of the most famous symphonies and operas came from this period.
  3. Romantic Period: Many students write essays describing the major transformation in music that occurred during this period. Composers experimented with dissonance, with strange chord combinations, and with music that flowed without strict “rules.”
  4. Modern and Post-Modern Periods: Wow. Music takes on almost any form from the period of jazz and blues forward. Rock and roll, acid rock, folk, grunge, country alternative and rap have all followed the jazz and blues period and have made their mark on our musical heritage. Persuasive essays are often chosen by students, as they identify their favorite form and attempt to convince others that their choice for the top music category is correct.

If You Want Some Help

There are lots of examples of essays on music all over the internet that you can look to for topic ideas or as models of how one is structured and developed. The important thing is that you choose a topic that is of real interest, for it is never fun to produce an essay on a topic you dislike. If you still need additional assistance, then you can certainly find an essay helper at a reliable and professional essay writing service. A credible service will assign a qualified writer to prepare an original essay for you that will meet all of your specifications. No need to stress!