Advice on Writing a Childhood Obesity Research Paper

Advice on Writing a Childhood Obesity Research Paper

Childhood obesity has risen to epic proportions in the United States. Physicians, politicians, parents, and educators have all expressed concern over this issue. It is now believed that children today are at risk of living shorter lives than their parents and grandparents, and most of this can be attributed to the obesity epidemic. The seriousness of this issue, and the growing concern about it in society are two of the reasons you may be asked to write a childhood obesity research paper. Writing on this topic can be challenging, but fulfilling at the same time. You could potentially educate people on the topic of obesity in America, but you must work hard to ensure that your information is correct. In fact, please don’t write anything on this topic until you have read this post.

Writing an Obesity Research Paper That is Based on Sound Information

Child obesity is such an important issue that you must make sure that you only provide the best and most accurate information that you find. Unfortunately much of the information you find on the internet is not based in fact. Instead, it is based on outdated science, or is distributed by an entity that has a product to sell, a political agenda, or that is simply passing on bad information. Because of this, you must pay attention to your sources. Ask yourself these questions?

  • Is there a recent study backing this up?
  • Does the source I’m reading link back to the sources that they used?
  • Have I found this information when looking at other credible resources?
  • Is this website or resource trying to sell a product?

Remember that information on this topic coming from a nutritionist, doctor, physical trainer, educator, or other professional who does not seem to be selling anything is your best source of information. Use these sources and you will avoid including bad information in your research paper.

Choosing a Specific Topic for Your Research Paper

You will find that specifically writing about childhood obesity is difficult. The topic is too generalized. You will want to choose a topic that as a bit more specific. Here are a few topic suggestions:

  • What can be done to make schools adhere to higher lunch standards?
  • Would classroom delivery of lunches solve nutrition and quality issues in school lunches?
  • How has cutting back recess and physical education impacted¬† the problem of obesity in children?
  • Would nutritional education help the obesity problem?
  • Write an argumentative essay on whether or not obesity is a problem that should be dealt with strictly by the parents, or should schools intervene.
  • What are the best ways to get kids to exercise more?
  • In a severely overweight child, are diet pills or surgery ever the right answer?
  • How can parents model better eating habits to their children?
  • Find a school or government program that has successfully reduced childhood obesity. What is it about that program that worked?