A Human Trafficking Research Paper – Prepare for the Shock

A Human Trafficking Research Paper – Prepare for the Shock

There have been a number of television specials in recent years that have attempted to shine a light on the issue of human trafficking – an issue we all tend not to want to make ourselves aware of. And yet it continues, day after day, in countries all over the world, including in the United States, and it take many forms, all of which are hideous and horrific for the victims.

What is Human Trafficking? Getting at a Definition

The earliest forms of human trafficking were obviously the slave trade. Even in the Old Testament, we read that David’s brothers sold him into slavery. But our real knowledge of the slave trade came from original sources that depict the buying and selling of human beings for slave labor when it was perfectly legal to do so.

Today, human trafficking is illegal in every nation in the world. And the UN has come up with a definition that pretty accurately covers all form of this crime. It defines human trafficking as an act of recruiting, transferring, harboring or receiving a person by “improper means” for and “improper purpose” such as forced labor or exploitation sexual or otherwise). While this definition seems to cover it all, the trafficking of humans continues, while many governments either ignore the problem or condone it by their failure to take strong action.

Areas of Research for Good Human Trafficking Research Paper Topics

Here are some general areas of research that should provide excellent topics:

  1. Read the reports of the UN Commission on Human Rights that relate to human trafficking. You will get some amazing statistics and data, as well as the names of countries in which human trafficking seems to be most prevalent.
  2. Live stream documentaries that have been produced by investigative reporters about the human trafficking business. You will be amazed to learn how many wealthy businessmen, all over the world are involved in the sex trade industry.
  3. Read the stories of survivors of contemporary slave trade operations and use those stories as original, primary resources for your paper.
  4. Research human trafficking in the U.S. While you may have a superficial understanding of “pimps” and their “slave” prostitutes, you don’t know the “half of it.” One example for research might be the advertisements for “modeling” jobs to which young girls respond, only to find themselves drugged, kidnapped and shipped overseas to become the sex slaves of wealthy men all over the world.
  5. Research the organizations that attempt to rescue girls and young women from the slave trade industry, their tactics, and their successes/failures.
  6. Research what individual governments are doing to stop human trafficking in their own countries. How much are they allocating in resources to this effort? What are the penalties in place for offenders once they are caught?

Human trafficking is a real problem and a prevalent crime throughout the world. It is a fascinating topic for research but also a depressing one. What type of people engage in this business anyway?