A Larger Appreciation for Music and Musicianship


The essay is really a reflection upon things i have learnt about music within this semester. Issues addressed when i reflect range from the keyboard, notation, employees and tune, clef, major scale, key signature, minor scales, times, triads and also the dominant seventh chord, summary of rhythm and meter, cadences. Furthermore, the essay examines/examines how this understanding makes me to achieve more appreciation for music in addition to musicianship. Musicianship could be ranged from amateur to professional who have employment with large corporation. The phrase music have puzzled musical analyst and experts, debate concerning the real meaning of this term has caused division with students and experts of the course. However, the formal meaning of this term is articulated to become a type of art which mainly concentrates on seem because the subjective medium. The recorded aspects of music are summarized to become pitch (tune and harmony), rhythm (meter, tempo and articulation), dynamics and texture and timbre. However, the meaning usually varies due to the variety character in cultures and social context as echoed by l mouth (pp, 109).

Musical Concept

In the magazines and also the lectures in the musical classes which i have attended through the semester, there’s been an excellent transformation within my existence and also the concept which music presently has on my small existence. Thus this elucidation has clearly summarized the musical notation in most genres of music and in the historic periods. Thus I’ve known the musical notation of earlier period needed that an enormous contextual understanding on diverse carrying out styles. Thus the exciting concept about this performance is the fact that music performer that mostly carried out in huge solo performance, usually needed to adapt unadorned tune. In recent musical moments everything the music artists are needed to possess fundamental understanding of may be the proper use tempo changes, accentuation, and pause. Thus more growth of music has caused the idea of needing to gain understanding of diverse marking and notation in order to be bale to stay in tune using the rhythm from the bit of music being carried out (Scholes, 156).

Music Theory

The enjoyment part that has engulfed music theory throughout the entire semester was the acknowledgement part which provides coverage for the auto technician and character of music. Through this acknowledgement which involved us towards the identification from the different designs which governs the composer techniques and research into the musical language and notation. The background music theory actualized on exemplifying details of music for example elaborative evaluation of parameters or aspects of music, rhythm, tune, form, texture and structure. Along this line the idea of using diverse equipment within the musical notation for example keyboard and guitar, seemed to be clearly elaborated as noted by Machlis and Forney (pp, 89). This fact enabled the scholars not just me to help produce a restored feeling of musical understanding.

The feeling in each and every beat, rhythm and pitch was introduced into oneness using the subjective musical sensation. Now can measure bars and regular pulse in tunes as his was animated developed with the lectures on meter tutorial throughout the semester, throughout the musical study? How different equipment effects music were generally elucidated and every musical piece well expounded on and also the tones and pitch well elucidated upon (Hamilton, 122).


The entire semester continues to be worth every second of times put in the lecture halls. Every lecture summarized details about music that has introduced oneness with my thoughts and soul with music. Now I realize the idea which individuals absolutely announce with little realization that &ldquomusic is existence.&rdquo