3 Best Ways to Find Student Coupons and Other Discounts

3 Best Ways to Find Student Coupons and Other Discounts

One of the challenges faced by many college students is making a small amount of money stretch a long way. This is because most students are relying on leftover financial aid, possibly student loans, and maybe income from a part time job. Even if parents are kicking in a bit of cash, most students are stuck living within a budget. The good news is that retailers love college students and are often willing to provide them with discounts. This is true for both online and brick and mortar stores and restaurants. In fact, if you are a college student, you have probably seen signs or other advertisements in your town offering student coupons or other discounts. If you learn how to maximize these savings, you will save money and improve your lifestyle. Here are a few things that you can do to save a bit of money by using your status as a student.

1. Ask about College Student Discounts

Many places that cater to college students have discount programs, but they do not always mention them. If you have a college ID, simply ask if there is a discount for college students. You may be pleasantly surprised. One thing to remember is that these discounts may only apply to certain items, or if you shop during certain days of the week. If this is true, make a note of this, and adjust your shopping schedule accordingly. If a business does not offer a discount, you may help other college students by asking. If enough people ask, a business might just create a discount program.

2. Explore Website Thoroughly Before Making a Purchase

This applies to everybody, not just college students. Do not check out when making any online purchase without making sure that you have not missed the opportunity to take advantage of all discounts that are available to you. This includes looking for coupon codes, checking out any special deals, and even looking into making your purchases via affilliate programs. These are programs where you go through a third party website to make your purchase in order to receive rebates or other benefits. Here is a pro tip. You can probably find at least one Premier Essay coupon code on our website right now.

3. Use Free/Inexpensive Resources Available to College Students

Believe it or not, many of the biggest savings you can find will be right on your college campus. There, you likely have…

  • A free gym that is open to students
  • Possibly a swimming pool
  • A student health center where you can be seen for minor medical issues or reproductive health
  • A library with free internet access that is most likely open much later than your city library
  • Access to other recreational activities such as disc golf courses and bike trails

If you use these resources, you can save money on gym memberships, full cost health care, and cell phone data.

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