200 Pounds Beauty


Hanna is really a plump phone sex worker along with a clandestine songster for Ammy who’s a pop singer. She hides behind Ammys performances and does create a recording of her arrangements. She’s humiliated throughout her birthday by Ammy while watching music company director Sang-jun with absolute lack of knowledge to the fact that she what food was in logger heads using the director. She works out to weep within the bathroom and overhears the director request Ammy to become lenient to her to ensure that she may not walk in it. As she attempted to commit suicide she’s interrupted with a sex customer&rsquos telephone call which are usually an accepted cosmetic surgeon. After their meeting she comes to a decision to possess a cosmetic surgery a factor the physician initially declines to partake but Hanna intends to blackmail him for that phone calls he earned to her. However, She constitutes a moving speech and also the surgeon concurs to function on her behalf.

Following a year in seclusion has she nursed the versions in new existence she emerge incredible gorgeous and willowy. Nobody recognizes her and she or he changes the title to Jenny. She lands a recording cope with Sang-jun who claims she’s natural. She’s psychologically engaged towards the music director and Ammy finally realizes Jenny is really a disguised Hanna. With the lyrics compiled by Jenny, Sang-jun to understand Jenny is Hanna in disguise so when he asks when the guest attending the launch of her music career was her guest she declines any understanding of him and that he is drawn way and falls. Still Jenny doesn’t lift him up and Sang-jun will it. Following the concert, he levels he knows the real identity and she or he stops working but nonetheless transmits away Sang-jun declaring he broke her heart. On the concert later, she’s moved through the security mishandling of her father and discloses she’s the actual Hanna and never Jenny. People don&rsquot believe but following the whole story they acknowledge her and she or he started a brand new existence like a music performer.

After watching this film I had been gone to live in begin to see the facts which are surrounding Hanna and also the great motive of getting the cosmetic surgery. It has run out of desperation the lady has engaged herself in phone sex employment because Ammy and Sang-jun didn’t offer her very good that’s vital to human hood. I attempted to place my self in her own footwear and that i discovered that there is no every other reasonable method of undertaking the job shameful encounters she was exposed with other than walking way and threatening to blackmail choices if he does not partake the surgery. Desperate occasions request for desperate measures and both Hanna and also the Surgeon remain without any every other options apart from doing the remarkable.

The cosmetic surgery option was better for Hanna since it assisted her restore what she was without in the beginning. She grew to become beautiful and slender and it was fit to operate within the music business. What else that they might have completed to make her easily fit in the scope wasn’t a choice and that i moved in exactly the same ideology as &ldquoJenny&rdquo. Via a year process Hanna arrived on the scene from the hospital as Jenny a united states from California USA. She’s transformed and respected I factor I too did when i viewed her saunter stealthily into the field of music, drama and success being an artist. The cosmetic surgery wasn&rsquot a raw deal also it affected her position within the society instead of the last segregated and compromised background lib sync in Ammys concerts. The video has managed to get feasible for the realization of stigma that Hanna in disguise was out after avoidance to battle against and also the acceptance through the audience. It’s a thrilling, captivating and touchy film which is all about an undesirable Hanna misfortunes and the body form that’s disheartening to some greater magnitude.